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All around us marriages are breaking up. Families are in disarray. Children are often neglected, undernourished, unloved. Many foster children need a forever family. Imagine the impact if we as a church focused more energy toward these pressing needs.
In our city many people are stuck in a cycle of poverty, unable to meet their basic needs. As a church, imagine being a catalyst in our community to truly empower people to find a path to dignity and sustainable financial independence.
Gangs are a significant problem in our city; yet with love and support, many people would choose life beyond gangs. Imagine our church being a catalyst to see lives, and our community, transformed.
Beyond our homes is the marketplace—the spaces where we work, shop and do life together. Jesus took His ministry to the marketplace, and He calls us to do the same. Like our Zoe’s property downtown, our west property will be much more than a church or buildings. We want to create a destination development on the west property, a gateway for our city and a gathering place for our community filled with scores of purposefully designed spaces for people to come, engage and grow.

This will include a Zoe’s café west, where people can connect and build relationships in a warm, relevant, engaging environment. All of this would be designed for use throughout the week, so parents could enjoy a quiet
cup of coffee while their children play in the adjacent, indoor play area.

Our focus is on the lives and the stories of the people we will reach. That’s why we want to create spaces, with room to play soccer or gather for an outdoor concert, along with bike paths and areas for conversation.

Imagine the blessing this could be to our community, creating an inviting gateway into our city.
In this world filled with terrorism, sex trafficking and poverty, the gospel is desperately needed. For the past 10 years, we as a church have strategically invested in global initiatives and partnerships through Project Beyond and Gospel Unleashed, seeing a huge impact for the kingdom.
So many people in our church and our community struggle with anxiety, depression and addictions. Imagine a dedicated Healing Center on our 15th Street campus offering to our community healing and listening prayer, lay counseling, life coaching and encouragement.
All around us are hundreds of refugees who have fled oppression around the world. All they long for is a better life for their family.

But that transition is hard—new culture, new language. Imagine the impact our church could have as we love and resource this segment of our population.
We believe that the church is the hope of the world. When people are connected to a life-giving church, they grow in their faith, which positively impacts every facet of their lives. Here’s our current reality: We live in a rapidly growing city and region with increasing spiritual need—200,000 people live within 20 minutes of our west property—and the vast majority of those are not connected in any way to a local church. There aren’t nearly enough life-giving churches in this region to reach them.
Because of this huge spiritual need and because of the limitations of our current facility, God is calling us to multiply the advancement of the gospel by building a permanent campus on the west property that was donated to us. By having two vibrant campuses—one at West 10th Street and one at 15th Street—we more than double our capacity to make disciples, and significantly increase our ability to impact west Greeley and the region for Jesus.
Leadership is critical to transforming our city with the gospel. We believe the time is now to be intentional about training the next generation of leaders. Imagine biblically trained and empowered leaders making an impact on our culture through church, neighborhoods, schools and businesses.

Step 1: Pray
This is the most important step in preparing your heart to respond to God’s call to action. Ask Him what He would have you give so that others can know the hope of salvation in Christ. Join us in regularly praying for this vision.

Step 2: Give
What level of generosity would truly stretch you and cause you to trust God more deeply? Over a three-year period, each of us can give more than we may think possible.

Step 3: Be Involved
How ca you, your family and/or your eGroup be part of this vision? Browse the initiatives above and contact the leader to get started.


Over a three-year period, each of us can give more than we may think possible. As we are willing to go above our regular giving, together we will reach the For the City and Beyond goal. See how your faithful gift can multiply.

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