Embrace the Gospel

Experience the Spirit

Engage in Mission

eGroups are the primary way we connect relationally and grow in community here at Christ Community. Beyond the learning and response that happens during our weekend worship experiences, eGroups are a powerful tool to help us grow spiritually, as we together focus on three core aspects of following Jesus: Embracing the Gospel, Experiencing the Spirit and Engaging in Mission. (That’s how we get the name eGroup!)

eGroups vary in size with most including 8-10 (some smaller and some larger). They typically meet weekly. Group time includes Bible study, small group discussion, personal sharing and a focus on how to be more engaged as individuals (and potentially as groups) in mission. However, every group has its own unique focus and personality. When you join an eGroup, you are there to support your own spiritual growth and to contribute to the spiritual growth of others. It is a mutually transformational journey.

Do you desire a place where you can share the highs and lows of life while pouring into others as they pour into you? We believe this is a universal longing God has placed in each of us. If you are not currently experiencing a community like this whether that be a Bible study, a shared hobby group, a recreation team, etc., we encourage you to either start a new group by inviting others in your current social circle into an environment of deeper connection or to join one of our existing small groups.

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