Doug Bowen, Church Administrator:

Phil Grizzle, Executive Pastor :

Jamie Doddridge, Business & HR Manager :

Jacob Spahr, Facilities Director :

Bob Peterson, Assistant Facilities Director :

Amy Burroughs, Administrative Assistant :

Michelle Balsley, Administrative Assistant :

Jessica Rivera, Administrative Assistant ;

Kari Armitage, Administrative Assistant ;

Angella Babcock, Administrative Assistant :

Kathy Waters, Front Office Hostess :

Amy Sands, Bookkeeper :

Britany Allred, Database Coordinator:

Teaching Team

Alan Kraft, Lead Pastor :

KJ Tencza, Pastor of Next Gen:

Adult Community & Care

Bruce Hoppe, Pastor of Discipleship :

Shane Fanning, Pastor of Groups and Connections :

Cindy Chavez, Pastor of Pastoral Care :

Worship & Creative Arts

Rocky Martinez, Director of Worship and Creative Arts :

Michael Krommendyk, Pastor for CC West and Pastoral Care :

Isaiah Gimmestad, Worship & Tech Coordinator:

Larry Scovil, Venue Pastor for Traditions :

Tony Garza, Director of Media :

Jenny Hooten, Communications Director :


Ben Fusco, Director of Zoë’s Events :

Molly Gress, Zoë’s Manager :

Debby Colburn, Zoë's Administrative Assistant :

Rohanna Roma, Events Coordinator :

Students & Children

Nathan Davis, Pastor of Student Ministries:

Stetson Beaman, Pastor of College Ministries :

Daniel Steitz, Pastor of Children’s Ministry :

JB Walker, Director of Early Childhood Ministry :

Tim Steitz, Director of Children’s Ministry CC West :

Jake Hutton, Coordinator of Elementary Children’s Ministry:

Compassionate Service

Steve Oeffling, Pastor of Global Impact :

Rosann Holman, Director of Educational Outreach Ministries :

Dudley Brown, Pastor of ITI :

Cris Arellano, Pastor of CC Spanish :